Our purpose

Indero is born out of our love for creativity in combination with home & interior design. Alongside our products, we aim to facilitate and enable effortless creativity that leads to fantastic outcomes. Outcomes that you can proudly decorate your home with.

Dusty beige och charcoal

Our products

Our color products are produced in Denmark, by a manufacturer with over 100 years of experience and a tradition of quality. In addition to a long tradition of quality, health and the environment are high priorities for our manufacturer. Among other things, they hold an ISO 14001 certificate, which is the most recognized international standard for environmental management systems.

“To create, reuse, and transform into something new.”

Combining home, interior design, and creativity is my greatest passion. Creating a cozy home on my own while having fun along the way. Feeling pride in something I’ve crafted or transformed, all while avoiding the need to buy new. My goal with Indero is to make this process easier and more fun, together with you. I hope you will enjoy Indero as much as I do, and together, we can continue to create our dream homes.

Victoria & Indero