3 tips for painted vases

Tips on how to best take care of your painted vases and pots.

Tip 1: Paint a little way down into the vase

To avoid seeing the original color of the vase from various angles, it’s best to paint a few centimeters inside. However, be mindful not to paint further down than necessary if you intend to use water. Prolonged contact between water and the paint might cause the paint to deteriorate over time.

måla vasens insida

It doesn’t matter if the vase stands alone as a decorative element or if it’s filled with cut flowers, as the inside is often visible. By painting the inside, it provides a more polished overall look and enhances the overall impression of the vase.

synvinklar på vasen

Tip 2: Vase within a vase – the hack

If you, like me, have a wide and large painted vase, pot, or urn that you want to fill with beautiful flowers, you may sometimes struggle to arrange the flowers nicely inside it. Moreover, you might not want to fill the entire vase with a lot of water to avoid making it too heavy and at the same time, protect the painted surface from wear and tear due to water. In that case, you can place a significantly smaller vase filled with water inside the larger vase. You can use a smaller, narrower vase, or even a regular drinking glass works just as well (just make sure the vase or glass is shorter than the wide vase so it doesn’t show above the wider vase).

You can choose to either place the smaller vase with water directly inside your wider vase, and then fill the smaller vase with flowers…

vas i vas
vas i vas blommor

Alternatively, if you fill your smaller vase with water and flowers directly and then place it inside your larger vase, as shown in the images below.

blommor i vaserna
vasen inuti

In this way, the smaller vase will be invisible and create the illusion that it’s the wider vase holding all the flowers. The flowers will stand beautifully and slightly more upright with the help of the smaller vase, while you don’t need to fill the entire larger vase with a lot of water, making it unnecessarily heavy. As an extra bonus, this is an excellent tip to reduce wear and the risk of the painted vase’s color being rubbed off.

blommor i vaserna

Tip 3: Washing your painted vase

When using your painted vases, it’s natural that dirt or stains might occur. Concrete color can tolerate a certain amount of water and gentle wiping, allowing you to clean your vase delicately. It’s best to avoid using harsh tools like a dish brush or scrubber, as they could potentially wear off the paint. If you notice any stains or dirt on your painted vase, we recommend trying to gently wash them away with a bit of plain water and a light hand rubbing.

diska vas

When it comes to drying your vase, we recommend allowing it to air dry. If vigorous rubbing or hard touching occurs on the wet painted surface, it could lead to color removal.