Paint that creates a lovely concrete feel

Terracotta med gren

We make it easy to create, and to be creative

With the help of our products, it becomes both easy and enjoyable to create and to be creative.

Terracotta med gren

We contribute to beautiful results

Our products are designed to achieve results that you can feel proud of, as effortlessly as possible.

Terracotta med gren

Our focus is on home & interior design

Our products are developed with inspiration from minimalist home decor.

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Concrete color

An opaque, texture-providing paint that is easy to apply and shape according to your own preferences. The paint gives you the opportunity to easily create and repaint home decor, where the result provides a delightful raw concrete look.

”To create, reuse and transform into something new”

Combining home, interior design and creativity is my greatest passion. Creating a cozy home on my own, while having fun along the way. Feeling pride in something I’ve crafted or transformed, all while avoiding the need to buy new. My goal with Indero is to make this process easier and more fun, together with you. I hope you will enjoy Indero as much as I do, and together, we can continue to create our dream homes!

Victoria & Indero

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